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Proven approach to buyout


Delivering sustaining value increase
drawing on deep insights into macro trends and business models in Korea

Delivering sustaining value increase drawing on deep insights into macro trends and business models in Korea

  • Focus
  • Stewardship
  • Universality
  • Value
  • Independence
  • Focus and specialization in the Korean market

    JKL Partners' investment team manages funds with a thorough understanding of Korea's culture and socioeconomic conditions,
    along with networks from various industries.
    Since its establishment in 2001, JKL Partners has gained unique know-how about the operation of Korean companies
    through restructuring, turnaround, M&A and financial advisory services.

  • Priority in stewardship responsibilities

    The stewardship responsibilities are paramount in managing our funds.
    As Korea's pension funds and national credit unions are our key investors,
    JKL Partners assumes responsibilities of increasing and protecting the value of our citizens' asset.
    This is why we have adopted the Stewardship Code for the first time in Korea in 2017.

  • Decision-making based on universality and common sense

    We manage our funds based on the universality and common sense of the market.
    JKL Partners analyzes the rapidly-changing technology trends, competitive conditions, and regulatory environments
    to take preemptive considerations, and makes the decisions based on the unchanging universal values and common sense of the markets.

  • Active engagement in management and value creation

    JKL Partners' investment team actively and directly engages in portfolio companies' value creation.
    We advise growth strategies, financial management, and M&A activities as well as assume the role of the change manager.

  • Independent governance

    JKL Partners maintains an independent governance structure with the firm's partners owning about 80% of the firm's equity.
    With this structure, the success of the fund aligns with the interest of the partners and conflicts of interest are prevented in advance.
    Our team can make independent decisions without outer interference, based on a strong sense of ownership and responsibility.